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Hey friends,

Can I call you friends?

I haven't yet had any new cups of tea, so I don't have any new stories to regale you with - but the kettle is on the stove and grandma's got the biscuits out - so you can expect some new tales soon!

Little Rob's 'secret' party is set for November 12th - and I couldn't be more excited to attend!

I've got some lovely girls from the United States and a gentleman in graphic design both in the 'trying to find a day that works for everyone' stages. Upcoming adventures may also involve a fellow named Lam and a '999' call, and one of the first strangers I met back in May, even before this project had taken shape - Fadi and I never spoke again, but he gave me a call the other night, just to say hello. His call meant more to me than he realizes - and served as a reminder of why I began this adventure in the first place...

In other 'news' - I sent word of my story back home to Burnaby recently, and was lucky enough to catch the attention of the newspapers Arts Editor, Julie MacLellan. Julie blogged about my adventures with strangers and tea, and intends to mention the quest in an upcoming column.

Thanks for that Julie!

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  1. You're welcome, Greg! Your story is getting quite a lot of positive response from those who have read it so far.
    In fact, I have a couple of friends who are so taken with your idea that there may be a movement to start the same thing on this side of the pond – I'll keep you posted if there is!
    Good luck.
    Oh, tell your mom to pick up her Saturday Burnaby NOW. She might see a familiar name in my column. ;-)