What Am I Doing?

Can something as simple as a cup of tea change your life?

This, if all goes according to plan, will be the story of one young man on a journey of immeasurable importance. A quest to sit down for 100 separate cups of tea, with 100 complete strangers - all with the hope that, well, he might learn a thing or two…

Perhaps it’s unfair to say that the importance of this ‘quest’ is immeasurable, but, it sounds a little more exciting that way doesn’t it?

My motives are genuine, however. This undertaking aims to recognize the importance of social contact.

We live in a world where a store worth visiting is one in which you can buy your groceries, purchase new clothes, do your banking, have pictures developed, renew your car insurance… the list goes on… We want a ‘one stop shop’. We strive for speed and convenience. Gone are the days when service and human contact meant something to us. We want to pump our own gas. We want to scan our own groceries. And, by gosh, we don’t want to talk to anyone while we do it.

This needs to change, don't you think?