100 Cups hits San Francisco, California!

We are living in an absolutely incredible time - a day in age when the ability to connect is all around us - it is, quite literally, always at our fingertips. We blog, we tweet, we 'like', we check-in - and yet, somehow, we tend to forget that all of these new and exciting means of human connection cannot do much to replace the one upon which they were all built - our ability to speak.

To craft sounds into words - to mold words into sentences - and to construct, with these very sentences, our thoughts, our stories, and our emotions...

I was rather inspired when, quite recently, a gentleman by the name of Matt Ramos - of San Francisco, California - decided to take my ideas on board and meet his very own stranger over a cup of coffee.

James Corden thinks I'm a stalker... (Cup # 27 with Ellen Lee)

It's not every day that you meet a stranger for a cup of tea. It's also not incredibly common that such an event would be talked about on national UK radio by author and media personality Danny Wallace and renowned British actor, James Corden, of Gavin & Stacey fame.

Though, I suppose there isn't much about this while project that we can consider common or ordinary - so maybe it's fitting in a way!

I could tell you all about it - but maybe I'll let the following audio clips tell the story...