James Corden thinks I'm a stalker... (Cup # 27 with Ellen Lee)

It's not every day that you meet a stranger for a cup of tea. It's also not incredibly common that such an event would be talked about on national UK radio by author and media personality Danny Wallace and renowned British actor, James Corden, of Gavin & Stacey fame.

Though, I suppose there isn't much about this while project that we can consider common or ordinary - so maybe it's fitting in a way!

I could tell you all about it - but maybe I'll let the following audio clips tell the story...

Ellen and I did meet for tea, and I assure you James Corden, there was nothing 'incredibly menacing' about it at all. Just to be on the safe side though - Ellen thought she would call the station and leave a message for Danny and James. Didn't want anyone losing sleep!

Thanks Ellen! Thank you for being such a good sport. For not being alarmed that I had somehow managed to  get your name all over London radio. Thank you for sharing stories of your own creative projects, and for reminding me that it's those outlets that get us through the days and weeks that might not be as inspiring as others.

And thank you to Danny Wallace, James Corden, and The XFM Breakfast Show - for sharing your excitement and confusion with the world. I would love to have tea with all of you. What do you say?

[Photo courtesy of Ellen's iPhone!]

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