Who Am I?

Hey everyone!

Now that you know a little more about what I am doing (assuming you went ahead and did some of the reading I have provided) - I thought we would take a little bit of time to tell you more about myself, aside from the fact that I have funny accent...

I was born in Vancouver, British Columbia (that's in Canada!) back when hair metal was still cool, and my dad wore shorter shorts than my girlfriend does. It was a good year... for anyone who didn't have to be around my dad and his shorts.

After spending the next few years making very little sense and going to the bathroom in my pants, I discovered Michael Jackson's 'Bad' album. In grade 2, I danced to 'Bad' in front of my elementary school and was a little bit sad when nobody wanted my autograph afterwards.

In the nineties, I discovered punk music and the guitar. My parents found me a guitar teacher. He taught me about rock and roll, jazz, and blues. In grade 7, I got up in front of my elementary school, this time to play the guitar - and I was a little bit said when nobody wanted my autograph afterwards.

In high school I got a job cooking fish and chips and started a proper band. During my first year at university, we decided our band didn't suck too badly, and began touring full time. After many small shows, and a few big ones too, we signed a little record deal. Sometimes, kids asked us for our autographs - and I was a little bit confused and scared that someone wanted my autograph.

I think my 6 year old self would have been proud though...

After 5 years, we decided that rock and roll wasn't going to pay the bills after all, and I went back to cooking fish and chips for a few more years. Then I met a girl from Australia. We went to Japan, and then South East Asia, and then to Australia too.

Now we live in London, England - where I spend some of my time serving burgers, and the rest of my time trying to have tea with strangers.