Do something. Do anything at all... (Cup # 26 with James Walters!)

Life is tough sometimes. It gets busy. You get overwhelmed. I get overwhelmed... It seems lately that my life is getting quite skilled at getting in the way of my desire to meet strangers for tea – and as such, it took James Walters and I quite some time to actually get around to cup number 26 – a meeting that has, in reality, been in the works for the better part of a year. Between James’ bicycle trip across the UK and his ongoing home renovations, and my own tendency to hop on planes to other worldly destinations – getting together for tea was beginning to seem like it would never happen.

Being unemployed (for a period of time) does have its advantages, it seems – in the interest of having a cup of tea with James, anyway...

Sensibility .vs. Spontaneity (Cup # 25)

Only a few weeks had passed since placing the first 'Care to join me for tea' ad on Gumtree when an email arrived in my inbox - an email that was just a little bit different than the others I had received.

I would love to.
There's only one tiny detail, I live in Lisbon, Portugal.

Take care,
Sara SebastiĆ£o