Big In Belgium!

Just when I had begun to believe that all of this had faded into obscurity - Belgium called. There still into it...

I received an email from a stranger a couple weeks back. She'd heard about this very blog in an article featured in Belgium's 'De Standaard Magazine' - an article I knew nothing about until I received the email. It's amazing to think that what started with a few strangers meeting for a cup of tea and a bit of awkward conversation in North London continues to reach the far corners of the globe. More amazing still to think that I am only 28 cups in.

Since the big move from London back to my home in Canada, it's been a job just settling back in to 'normal' life. And just as I'd began having tea with strangers as an escape from the inevitable pull of normalcy - it seems I've given in the pull once again. I guess that's okay sometimes, isn't it? We get stuck back in to routine. We become so content simply existing, that we forget how incredible life really is. Maybe what's most important is having the ability to recognize when that happens and adjust accordingly...

I've got more tea to drink now - more strangers to meet - and I'm excited about it. I guess I have Belgium to thank for that.

Thanks Belgium.

Now then - who's up for a cuppa?