Little Rob

"What a fantastic idea. I`ll be up for a brew. Do you have a chosen venue?"

-Little Rob

This was the second email I received following the initial gumtree post back in May. Little Rob sounded like a nice guy! And he was keen to meet for tea, which is most definitely a requirement of ours.

I feel a little bad that it often takes so long to finally have tea with some of the people who have contacted us, but to be fair, meeting strangers for tea can be more difficult than it may seem, what with differing schedules and all. Though feeling renewed after my meeting with Mark J. Winter, I got back at it, and approached Rob once again.

As eager as he was at the start, Rob got down to it and offered up a venue - conveniently, only a short walk away from my work. The excitement was ripe in the air as I walked to meet him - he would be yet another cup who I knew nothing at all about. No idea what he looked like, what he did for work, no leads at all. All I knew is that I would be meeting Little Rob at Carluccio's at around 6:30pm.

I saw him as soon as I approached, but decided to play it cool for a moment. It's hard not to be presumptuous - but I try whenever I can to avoid myself the embarrassment of joining the table with a slightly shorter than average guy, seated alone, outside Carluccio's, at 6:30pm - on the off chance that he is not Little Rob. I stand for a minute or two near the door, pretending to check a text message or something. Scanning the other tables, in the event that an even shorter gentleman is seated alone, awaiting a meeting...

Nope. I'm all clear it seems, so I send a glance back to the man I assume to be Rob. He smiles, and gives me the nod/grin/point that I am growing more and more accustomed to.

He's clearly already had a cup of tea, and I apologize for keeping him waiting - but he doesn't seem bothered, which is a relief. Rob is smartly dressed, he looks professional, but young too - and I learn quickly that Rob is someone with whom the conversation will flow with ease. Easily approachable, friendly - it's nice to see that there are still so many people like that around. We talk about the usual - our jobs, our lives, our thoughts on society. Rob seems to be a man with many ideas - and I was happy to hear the ones he had about 100 cups. Maybe my next meeting could be a result of suggestion - to form a chain, so to speak - with each individual sending me off to my next cup via personal reference. An interesting idea for sure!

While our initial meeting didn't last too long - myself having to get home before it got too late, and Rob having to do the same I suppose - it's not so much the cup of tea that has left me excited about meeting Rob. You see, Rob is having a party. I am not sure yet when this party will be, but I am invited - and all I know at this point is that the purpose of this party will be revealed, well, at the party. So, it's a party to celebrate something that we won't know we are celebrating, until we are actually celebrating it? Does that even make sense?

Needless to say, I am intrigued and eager to hear more about this secret party.

Rob was also kind enough to take on of Mark J. Winter's business cards - which I had agreed to hand out given the opportunity. Rob has a friend in graphic design, so maybe some strings can be pulled?

I will update again soon - and of course, keep you posted on the super secret party. This won't be the last you hear of Little Rob!

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