The Truth...

I suppose it's about time I told you all the truth...

Over the past 18 months, I've come damn near close to putting this project to rest. More than once. You might be wondering why I'd stop, only 28 cups in to a journey to 100. I spent a lot of time wondering the same thing, if I'm honest. In a recent conversation with my family, though, I found the answer.

In my heart, I've not been chasing a number. It seemed appropriate to set one when I started all this funny business. In reality though, I just felt then need to make this a finite journey. I needed something to reach for that could be measured. The truth of it is - this journey to meet strangers is anything but a finite one.

Along the way, I've asked myself (and others) a very simple question. 'Can a cup of tea change your life'? I had myself convinced that this was the questions for who's answer I should be seeking. The funny thing is, I'm quite sure I knew the answer before I started. After 28 cups of tea with 28 strangers, though - I was certain of it. The answer is, and always was yes.

When I set out on this journey, I wanted to know if meeting 100 strangers for nothing more than a simple conversation had the power to change my life. Would the people I met inspire me to take a new path? Would I inspire them? Could these conversations - these very organic meetings between two ordinary, everyday people - could they amount to something greater than the sum of their parts?

I can say without a doubt that I am a different person today than the one who sat down for the first cup in North London with a good fellow named Lee Allen (Lee's doing well, if you were wondering). Each of the 28 conversations I've had thus far, they've all had an effect. Each one has influenced me in some way; inspired me to do something different; provided affirmation to continue doing something the same.

And as life got busier and more hectic, I began to wonder why I continued to ask a question for which I already had the answer.

Some time passed, and I continued to consider, if I were to put all of this aside, how I should it? What would be the appropriate way to put an end to my journey, 72 cups from the goal I had set? Do I have a responsibility to explain myself to those who come here to read my stories? Or do I have the right to just pull the plug and let it all fade away?

And as I had begun to accepted that I might be done with it all, I had a realization...

In life - what does one do when they find the answer they've long been seeking?


They find a new question to ask...

I may not know what that question will be just yet, but perhaps we can sit down for a cup of tea and figure it out, together...

What do you say?


  1. Greg my question is .....Why wouldn't you just continue? You loved meeting new people and writing about your cups of tea and conversations and maybe there is more to learn from continuing to do this. As for 'the question,' well sometimes we only learn what is the question afterwards. There's something to be said for being lost in what you love and discovering your destination when you reach there!
    I really hope you will continue..............I am looking forward to Cup 29.

    1. Just to clarify! I fully intend to seek this 'question' by having tea with strangers. This journey is far from over... Thanks for the comment Maggie. Keep in touch!

  2. Hey,
    I know you'd rather sit down with a cup of tea and think what the next question could be. But Since I am not quite sure if I'd ever get a chance to have a cup of tea with you - So, I guess I'll just lay my question down here - You are doing your bit to revive the lost sense of personal communication and intimacy, are the others? I know that every drop of water counts but in an ocean this vast, what difference can a drop of water alone make? May be two or three more. So now you can ask people that you are doing your bit, but are they? You have come this far with 28 other strangers and you have inspired every single one of them - plus the ones you haven't met. I think it's time you started making others to join you on this journey by meeting more strangers and not just you alone. And I strongly believe that you can do that because I am sure as hell inspired to do exactly what you are doing. :)

    1. Hey Aaysh. I'd love to hear your stories if you do in fact meet with strangers of your own! Keep me in the loop. And thanks for the kind words of encouragement.

    2. Sure!
      I hope to meet you too sometime. I.e if you come to India!
      Do let me know if you do.

  3. Finish what you started Greg-and I am sure you will your answers and your questions!

    1. Thanks! I agree - and I am excited for all the things that the next 72 strangers have in store...

  4. I will start my own 100 cups today. Imagine 100 people each day start theri 100 cups, in 100 countries. Imagine where it would go in 100 weeks, months & years.
    The vibrations of this personal touch movement will b heard in d universe. And wat it costs is just a cup of tea, n wat u get is friendship n smile.

    1. Hey Kunal,

      Hearing that you plan to start your own journey, having tea with strangers, makes me so happy. I hope you follow through on this - and please don't hesitate to send me your stories. I'd love to hear about the people you meet, and the lessons you learn as a result.

      Your absolutely right about the domino effect that would result in people just extending a simple hello or a smile, much less an actual genuine and friendly conversation. Through communication - we find common ground. We realize that, no matter where we are from and what we believe, we are not so different after all.

      Your friend,


  5. Greg,

    You've had ana amazing journey so far and should you decide to continue with it, I know that my boss who has set up LuLin Teas - the tea company I work for would love to meet with you.

    You've asked, "Can a cup of tea change your life?" Well I can't begin to tell you how much it has changes Hans' life but I'm sure he would love to share some stories with you.

    I hope to hear from you!