Not a cup of tea. Not yet, anyway...

One of the questions I continue to ask – to you, and to myself – is if a cup of tea has the power to change my life. Can a single conversation with a complete stranger on topics of a fairly ordinary nature, have extraordinary results? What if I were to have 100 of these conversations, inviting the opportunity for change into my life on a consistent basis? What might happen then?

I can feel the changes, as small as they are, with each and every cup of tea. Each conversation I have sparks new ideas in me. It brings change to the ideas I already have. With each conversation, I take small steps towards a deeper understanding myself, and my place in this world. I develop purpose, and discover the subtleties of social interaction that we have lost sight of in this digital age. I am learning to appreciate the people around me – an appreciation that we really shouldn't have lost sight of in the first place...

But how can I measure any of this? I mean, I write about it – I share my thoughts with all of you – but these changes are purely internal. I'm in a wrestling match with the metaphysical, trying desperately to come to a greater understanding of the ability we have to connect to one another, and flirting playfully with the potential that these connections have to inspire change and offer new opportunities. But, it's the opportunities I must chase if I hope to have any substantial proof - any actual evidence that sitting down for a conversation with a stranger, or in my case, 100 of them, might have the power to re-shape my life entirely.

Elenita Belgica, a journalist and radio host out of Montreal, Canada - after hearing about a Canadian in London who drinks tea with strangers, thought she might send me an email in the hope of having me as a phone guest on her weekly radio show. While that conversation may now have to wait a few months due to changes to her own schedule, connecting with Elenita has already lead to an opportunity that I may not have been offered had it not been for the 20 cups of tea I have had to date.

An invitation has been extended to me to be a regular contributor to a new, news-based website – The online publication will be released monthly, and will feature a collection of news stories and articles, all with a generally positive spin. Seems like a good fit for my adventures, doesn't it? Will I be paid? No. Does that matter? Of course not. Will this lead to anything bigger? I have no idea. But, in the words of the 'Great One' (that's Wayne Gretzky, by the way - the hockey fan in my couldn't leave that one out), 'You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.'

The maiden issue was just released, and features the story of a stranger I met on the bus in London. Maxine and I haven't had a cup of tea just yet, but I'm confident that we will. She's got my number after all...

Enjoy the article, have a poke around the rest of the site if you like, and on the off chance that any of you are keen to share any stories of your own, let me know. Elenita is always looking for more contributors to the site and I would be more than happy to put you in touch!

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