Fraiser sends out a radio call for a new friend...

Since moving to London, Lou and I have been watching a lot of Fraiser. This had very little to do with 100 cups until just a few weeks ago. An episode called 'The Friend' was on, where Fraiser, in realizing that his social circle is not so social anymore, puts out a call on his radio show to anyone who might like to get together for a cup of coffee and some conversation...

I couldn't help but laugh.

This particular episode aired back in 1996 - proof positive that the importance of human connection, and I suppose the humor and awkwardness that can make these connections difficult, have been on the minds of people for some time now - even television sitcom writers!

This isn't exactly what meeting me for a cup of tea is like, but I wanted to share it with you anyway!

And for what it's Bob, I'd have been thrilled to go for BBQ with you...

[On a side note, this has got me to thinking that it might be interesting to have a cup of tea with Kelsey Grammer - yes, Fraiser Crane himself! If you have any ideas how I might make that happen, feel free to share them with me! And if you are keen to watch the rest of the episode - go here!]


  1. I remember talking about that! If you manage to meet him for a cuppa, I think that would make a crowning jewel to this whole project ^^

  2. Hey Sam! Let's not forget the Queen for cup 100! But yes, Fraiser, or well, Kelsey would be a welcome addition to the adventure!

  3. I love Fraiser and it would be so amazing to meet him :)