Love is for sharing...

Hey friends!

For those of you awaiting a post about cup # 14 - my chat with Quentin on 4ZZZfm here in Brisbane, Australia - the wait will not be much longer. Quentin and I will be getting together soon to catch up, and he will bring for me a copy of our chat so that I can share the whole thing with all of you who weren't able to tune in online, or here in Australia just the same!

In the mean time, I have been having a look around at the websites and blogs of all the wonderful people who have helped spread the gospel of 'tea & strangers'. Many of them have joined me for tea, others have found inspiration in the project, and some have plans to carry the torch in their own way - what they all share, however, is a willingness to share their thoughts and ideas with the world, and I am grateful for the friendship and support of each and every one of them!

If you have a chance, have a poke around - you might find something you like!

Rea from Sydney, Australia sharing the love!

Marinaela from Vancouver, Canada with the 'A Stranger A Day' project - Check it out!

Mark J. Winter from London, UK - Sharp fella with great ideas!

Jason Simon @ Caffeinated Conversations - Seattle, Washington - The chronicle of 2 years worth of conversations with strangers & all his thoughts to go with them!

Becky Murray - a good friend from Red Deer, Canada - always on the hunt for adventure!

Robyn Thomson from Delta, Canada - Cup # 8 and Drunk Baker...

Julie Maclellan - Friend & Journalist from Burnaby, Canada with stories for you!

Antwanyce Richardson - Spreading the love out of Maryland, USA! Thanks Antwanyce!


  1. Thanks for the shout out. ;) Can't wait to hear the next story!

  2. Aww gee thanks for the bloggy luv. I would love to myself meet you for tea one day ;) I hope that this goodness spreads like fire! maybe even make the news...Yes it would be great to hear about the goodness in the world for a change.

  3. Based on your mission with 100 cups, I'm sure you would love reading the book Click: The Magic of Instant Connections by Ori and Rom Brafman. It's all about social interaction, the way some people just hit it off in an instant, and the positive effects it can have in one's personal and professional lives.