One down... Ninety-nine to go!

We are happy to report that we have had our first official cup of tea.

Thank you to Lee Allen, of Essex, for taking a chance and meeting us. We shared some good conversation, a few cups of tea, and even a fruit smoothie. Lee told us of the wonders of working in the radiology department of a hospital, shared his thoughts on the ways of our world today, and talked of his fondness for random meetings with strangers. I think too that I might have made a new friend out of it? I guess that is up to Lee to decide though!

(Left to Right) - Greg, Kiwi, Lee Allen, and Lou

It’s funny how many interesting and like-minded people we have the potential to meet in life, but often never do - which hopefully highlights the need to break out a little bit now and again. Say goodbye to routine, and yes to meeting two guys with funny accents for a cup of tea. If that wasn’t so awkward to say, I reckon it could be our slogan.

A bit of a news update I guess. While we have a few cups brewing, it would seem that some people have let hesitation and scepticism get the best of them. Lee almost did, but I assured him that I was probably as nervous about the whole thing as he was. Hell, I even tried to pretty myself up - put on my best cologne - it was like I was getting ready for a bloody date or something! Only, it was with a man, or well, two men if you count Kiwi…

Anyway, with the hope of providing a remedy for this - I plan to put together video to introduce you to Kiwi and I. To show you that we are, for the most part, just a couple a fun loving gentlemen looking for a little adventure. I will post this video soon!

We also have a few more leads which include a psychic in Glasgow, a member of the Irish Guard stationed in Windsor, a couple of actors from West London, and a lady who saw our ad at the local laundrette while drying her clothes!

So, with that, I’ll leave you all with the same question you were left with before…

Fancy a cup of tea?

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